Custom Software Development

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Cybersystems Inc.  
928 King Street West,
Kitchener, Ontario,
N2G 1G4
(519) 746-1155
Cybersystems has developed hundreds of custom software applications to solve a wide variety of customer problems.
We create dashboard applications to summarize and visualize data for scientific, industrial, and manufacturing systems.
We create custom reporting to simplify manufacturing and process control.
We're famous for our 'Sanity Check' programs - whereby we monitor data integrity in 3rd-party applications.
We perform data conversion and migration services, and can connect with virtually all common database systems - MSSQL, MySQL, FirebirdSQL, Sybase ASA and ASE, Oracle, etc.
We are experienced with device control, monitoring and data logging over RS-232, RS-485,  CANbus, and ethernet.
Some recent projects include:
 - a configuration utility, data logger, and charting program for electric motor controllers
 - a CANbus bootloader and Windows client for embedded hardware 
 - an XML-RPC based temperature data monitoring utility
We're happy to discuss projects and solutions, please contact us today!